childrens emotional wellbeing and mental health services in East Yorkshire

Children and Young People

Mental health problems affect about 1 in 10 children and young people.

We provide help and support for children and young people, in Bridlington, Beverley, Driffield and throughout the rest of East Yorkshire.

Emotional wellbeing is essential for children and young people to achieve their full potential for learning and development, promoting their resilience for the future to have coping strategies and enjoy the things they like.

Having the right support is essential to overcome our feelings of stress and worry. Looking after our emotional and mental health wellbeing helps us feel more relaxed, increased energy levels, feeling confident, feeling happy, believe in ourselves.

Everyone's experience is different. Having someone to talk to in our own space and non judgemental helps us feel listened and supported. Working with children and young people using hypnotherapy techniques provides a gentle and positive way to ease a variety of difficulties.

During the sessions a parent (or guardian) is welcome to be present.

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Some of the reasons why you might contact us?

  • Anxiety/low mood
  • Bullying
  • Concentration
  • Emotional difficulties
  • Fussy eating
  • Low confidence
  • Relationship issues
  • Self-harm
  • Exam pressure


Early Help

At times most parents face challenging and stressful times. We can work together to ensure everyday challenges do not become problems. Early help is key.

Early interventions can help parents or carers and their children to explore communication and relationships. We know when children are struggling it can feel overwhelming for parents and families. Our work together, helps you to feel supported in identifying and implementing changes.

As a parent or carer, early help means 'providing support as soon as the problem emerges, at any point in the child's life from the foundation years through to the teenage years.' Working Together (2015)


  • Initial consultation
  • Appointments are available week day, evening and Saturday morning
  • The first session is approx 1 hour and follow up sessions are one hour
  • The number of sessions required usually varies from person to person.
  • We require 24 hrs notice for cancellation

If you are unable to attend for your appointment, please let me know as soon as possible, and remember, we do require 24 hrs notice for cancellation; thank you.

Are you struggling, do you need to chat?

Call 07780 681182

My Professional Qualifications

· BSc Mental Health Nursing
· MA Child Welfare
・Adv Dip in Paediatric Nursing
・Dip Clinical Hyp